In Memory

Paul Becker
Stan Bennett
Rayman Bortner
Richard Castelli
Dr. William I. Cohen
Ed Crawford
Deb Draper
Richard Ferguson
Randal Forester
Richard Forsythe
Wen Garren
Jack Good
Rick Gorman
Richard Hopf
Doug Jerko
Keith Lacher
Dr. Alexander Lowey
Norman Mackin
Paul Matheson
Herman McClain
John F. Miles
Howard Molans
Ray Oschman
William Prop
Abram Singer
Susan Spier
Terry Ulberti
Ken Urahka
Ric Witt
Chuck Yurchak

The Renaissance City Choir’s Memorial Fund was established in honor of our past members’ contributions to the organization. Funds are used for training, development, improvement and continued operation of the Renaissance City Choir. You may contribute to the Memorial Fund at any time by sending your donation to:

The Renaissance City Choir
Memorial Fund
116 South Highland Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Thank you.