Audition for the Renaissance City Choir, Pittsburgh’s LGBTQA Chorus

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Each potential member of the RCC has a 10-15 minute audition with the Artistic Director, Dr. Jeffry Johnson. This process enables us to develop a more accurate and varied assessment of the qualities and capabilities of each singer.

The audition consists of:

  1. Vocal range assessment.
  2. Sing “America, the Beautiful” (in the key of B-flat for altos and basses, or E-flat for sopranos and tenors) or “Happy Birthday” (in the key of F for altos and basses, or B-flat for sopranos and tenors).
  3. Brief aural repetition (sing a melody back to the auditioner), sight-singing, and rhythm assessments.
  4. Singers must be able to read music or sing back melodies with 80% accuracy.

Dr. Johnson promises that the auditions will not be as terrifying as they may sound!

Returning members of the choir will not need to perform a full audition. They will only be asked to take part in a Placement Hearing with the Artistic Director. Similar to typical vocal warm-ups, Dr. Johnson will lead returning members in a series of vocalises designed to give him an idea of the color and range of your voice. From the Placement Hearing, Dr. Johnson will be able to place the singers in the best section to fit the color of their voice. Placement Hearings will only take about 5 minutes.

Come sing with us!


Auditions for the Fall semester

By appointment, mid-August. Contact the Artistic Director (

Auditions for March cabaret

For soloists, by appointment, mid- to late-October or early November. For cabaret choir members, by appointment, early-January. Contact the Artistic Director (

Auditions for Spring semester

By appointment, mid- to late-March. Contact the Artistic Director (

Auditions are scheduled directly with the Artistic Director via email at the beginning of each season.  New members or returning members for the coming Season may join the RCC up until the third week in September, the third week of January, or the second week in April.

All auditions will be held at the:

Renaissance City Choir Office
East Liberty Presbyterian Church
Room 332
116 S. Highland Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Please contact Artistic Director Dr. Jeffry Johnson,, to schedule your audition.


Both choirs rehearse once a week (Tenors and Basses on Monday nights; Sopranos and Altos on Tuesday nights) for about two hours. The choir performs two major concerts per year (holiday and spring/pride) and a cabaret show. You can expect some extra rehearsals as it gets close to the concert date. You can expect to spend some extra time at home (and in the car, listening to recordings!) learning your music. Since we normally only rehearse once a week, extra time in between rehearsals is essential to learning the music and presenting a quality performance.

There are also additional, optional performances that are scheduled each season within the community and at charity events. We encourage members to participate in as many of these as their schedules will allow. They are a very important part of our choir mission.

Dues are paid each season within the first few weeks of rehearsal: $120 for the year or $60 each semester.

Financial aid is available. Members may apply for a payment plan, partial or full scholarships.

Other costs: Members may wear either tuxedos or gowns for Holiday concert. There may be other small costuming costs for each concert. The choir also holds several fundraisers during the year that you may choose to support financially.


Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals are every Monday for The Renaissance City Choir’s Tenors and Basses, 7  to 9 pm.

The Renaissance City Choir’s Sopranos and Altos rehearse every Tuesday from 7 to 9 pm.

Both groups rehearse at
East Liberty Presbyterian Church
116 South Highland Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Rehearsals begin for the Fall Semester

Late August

Rehearsals begin for the Cabaret show

Early January

Rehearsals begin for the Spring Semester

Late March

Visit the Members Calendar page for more information about scheduled rehearsals and performances.

Cabaret Auditions

For soloists: Mondays and Tuesdays, Oct (dates TBD), 7-9 pm
For cabaret choir members: Mondays and Tuesdays, early January, 7-9 pm
East Liberty Presbyterian Church
116 South Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, PA

Email RCC Artistic Director Dr. Jeffry Johnson to schedule your cabaret or choir audition:

Cabaret rehearsals will take place starting in January. The performances will be in late February and/or early March.

Visit the Members’ Calendar to see the full rehearsal and performance schedule.

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