How do I become a member of the choirs?
Membership is by audition.   Auditions are held prior to the beginning of the fall and spring concert seasons.  These auditions are private and are only between the Artistic Director and the singer.  The RCC has singers of various levels of competency—those who sing professionally to those who have never sung a note until joining the choirs.

Does it cost to belong to the choirs?
Yes.  Members pay dues of $120.00 per year.  There are scholarships available to help singers defray these costs.

How often do the choirs perform?
The RCC has two scheduled concerts a year.  The Holiday Concert typically occurs the second week in December and a smaller spring concert is usually scheduled in May or June.  In addition, we have added a cabaret performance for a smaller ensemble of the choirs but this performance changes year to year.    The choirs are also asked to perform for various functions around the city—past performances have included Celebrate Life, Celebrate Art, Pride Fest, and GALA Chorus International Conference, among others.  These are highly encouraged but not mandatory.

How often do the choirs rehearse?
The choirs rehearse once a week.  The Renaissance City Men’s Choir rehearses on Monday evenings at 7 pm and the Renaissance City Women’s Choir rehearses on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm.  Both rehearsals are held at East Liberty Presbyterian Church at 116 South Highland Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206 (in East Liberty).  There are also 4 or 5 combined choir rehearsals scheduled on Saturdays previous to concerts.

Do I have to sell anything?
Choir members are asked to help sell tickets to the concerts and at times engage in other fundraising efforts for the organization; however, there are no mandatory requirements to sell.

Do I have to supply a costume?
Both women and men provide their own performance wear.

Do I have to be out to be a member of the choir?
No.  If you elect not to have your name published in any of our programs or correspondence we support your decision to make those life decisions on your own; however, you must be willing to perform with the choirs at all scheduled performances.